sexta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2015

Android Lollipop - OmniROM - for Aries and P1LN

Hi @ALL!

I've received a lot of emails, messages, etc... asking for Lollipop... So...

Today is my birthday and the gift... well,... the gift... I wanna share it with you.

Android 5.0.2 version (LRX22G)

At first, it is an EXPERIMENTAL package.

The process is risky and you will follow it at your risk.
I assume no responsibility. 
Backup your data before!

Pay attention for installation warnings.

All functions are working at least... with some lags... mainly when using gapps installed

Galaxy S - I9000 and I9000B
  • The lvm partition was updated. So the /data partition will be wiped due to new one dedicated swap partition added.
Galaxy Tab - P1, P1N and P1L
  • Also the partition layout was completely changed. So the /data partition and "Internal sdcard will be wiped". Now the internal sdcard  is an emulated drive and it shares all available space with /data partition.
  • The install process requires the external sd working at first installation. (ONLY for P1 and variants)
  • So use the external sdcard during install process.

Ah, and about the gift... (do not mirror it, please)

Enjoy it!