quarta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2013

CM-10.2 - 20130821

CM-10.1.2 - 20130821

Android CyanogenMod 10.2

20130821 builds


   Galaxy S B: I9000B *
   N8000: Galaxy Tab Note 10.1" - N8000
   N801X: Galaxy Tab Note 10.1" - N8010 & N8013
   Odin: Sony Xperia ZL (ZQ)
   P1: Galaxy Tab 7"

* I9000B: Partition layout was updated. So a full wipe is required.

Enjoy it!

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sábado, 17 de agosto de 2013

P1000[L/N] Downgrade Tutorial

P1000[L/N] Downgrade Tutorial

Pay Attention, please!

I've received many requests to make this tutorial.
Specifically from P1000L users that lost the TV function.

So, let's do it!

The process is risky and you will follow it at your risk.
I assume no responsibility.
Backup your data before this downgrade process.

Please read carefully this tutorial to understand all steps described below.

Downgrade Target: Android Gingerbread

First step: Download tools (click here)
  1. Odin
  2. PIT
  3. USB drivers (for windows)

Downloading Stock ROM,
  • Click here and you'll find latest Stock Android Gingerbread for P1000L nor P1000N.
  • Click here for P1000 firmwares.
  • IMPORTANT: Don't forget to check file's checksum.


  1. If you don't have the usb driver installed then just do it.
  2. Open Odin.
  3. Select PIT file by click on PIT button.
  4. Select Stock ROM by click on PDA button.
  5. Check Re-Partition.
  6. Check Auto Reboot.
  7. Check F. Reset Time
  8. Check Phone EFS Clear
  9. Put your tab in donwload mode (press Power and Volume[-] buttons).

Before Flash
  • Check if ID:COM field is yellow with a COM port enabled. If it is not yellow then you have problems with USB drivers. So, solve it and back to the downgrade process.
  • Check if all options were checked like image above.
  • If all is ok then let's move on!

  • Flash your stock rom by clicking on Start button.
  • Wait few minutes and check the PASS message (green alert).

After Flash
  • You'll get recovery mode with some errors.
  • First, don't worry! It's normal.
  • So, just apply a Factory Reset and reboot.

 Enjoy it!